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Advances in modern science Our surrounding world is in a continuing state of evolution.A look back at the whole world, or even our home town a hundred years ago would reveal to us some amazing facts.To begin with we wouldn't recognize anything.Imagine a world with no computer systems, mobile devices or ipods.It is unthinkable to us today to consider waiting a month to receive a letter and that was the only form of telecommunications back then.In the 21st century we log onto our computer hardware, type out a brisk email and learn how everybody is doing even if they are continents away, and when they receive our message in seconds. Under 20 years ago technology was oceans apart of where it is today.The last two decades have boosted astonishing advancements in the technologies we all know and love today.Just lately we had cassette players, now we have cds which have was mp3 players.Televisions that were considered once big screen at 28 and weighed in at 50+ pounds are now pushing 60 weigh less than 30 pounds and are flat screen hdtv's to boot.It is quite simple to look around and see the rampant technological advances everywhere. Often times when we think of manufacturing advancement, we think of all the electronics we have around us that entertain and make life more high quality.Many times we don't realize the huge medical advancements that had been made in the last couple decades.Every day scientists are learning new things about diseases and illnesses and researching new treatments.With both private and the united states funding, scientists have been capable of making tremendous leaps in the medical world. The increasing knowledge about such diseases as aids and those of the nerves inside the body like adhd and alzheimer's disease has helped those afflicted immeasurably.A diagnosis of aids isn't a death sentence.Having said that, there are numerous diseases where little is known, and more for which is there no cure.There are a wide variety diseases, infections and irregularities affecting the people of the world, chances very high that we will never know everything about them medically.What don't be surprised though is that more will be learned about them by research scientists every day, every place. For those informed they have cancer, aids or alzheimer's disease it is important that we continue researching and working to improve medicine and searching for cures.Every year millions of americans die tormented by infections or diseases, many some time before they should have.That means that families across the actual suffer the loss of relatives or loved ones because there wasn't jordans shoes girls a sufficient cure for their diagnosis. It is very true that companies like sony and apple are investing money every year in research for new technologies to give them the upper hand in the multi billion dollar technology industry.The smartest phones and highest meaning tvs are evolving at lightning speed.The time in which we live is amazing as we have the scientific expertise to send emails from little phones or check out a football game while it's happening.With this sort of Air Jordan 3 technological breakthroughs, we are able to come up with a cure for the diseases that cause so many to suffer and die. The big name stores will often run promotions to help fund cancer research or other scientific research where the cashier will ask each customer at the check out counter to donate a dollar for the cause.Some of the customers say no, just a few say yes.The next time you are asked to donate a dollar for scientific research, say yes and provide.If a lot of people did, probably the medical advances would gallop along as rapidly as do the advances in electronic gadgetry.The article is strictly for educational or entertainment purposes only and shouldn't be used in any way, implemented or applied without consultation from pro.Please read our terms of service more information. Air Jordan 6



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